Introducing Was Removed(Alex)

Hi Guys, My name is Alex Kinyanjui from Kenya. I am currently enrolled in a Software Engineering boot camp at ALX SE. I am still fresh in Open Source and I would like to try it out this year. I am not an experienced developer but I am well versed with the following technologies :

  • Kotlin for Android development
  • Python: Django, FLASK, FAST API
  • Typescript, JavaScript
  • Backend Development.

I am a seasoned user of JOPLIN for two years as my main note taking app which has greatly boosted my productivity by acting as my second brain and I would greatly love to be part of the development community.
I have gone through the Idealist and realized that Most of the listed skills don't align with mine i.e REACT, Electron etc.. To the Admins, is it possible for one to send a proposal despite not meeting all the requirements? I am open to learning a new stack/technology so as to join the development team note that I am well versed with JS and TS so picking a stack won't take me long.

Thanks in advance.

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You can submit a proposal, but we ask candidates to submit at least one pr along with your proposal. Without it your chances of getting selected aren't great.
Good news is there are plenty of things that do not require deep react knowledge to work on as long as you know typescript.

Let me check it out and see what I can do.