Introducing vijay_joshi

Hello world,
I am Vijay Joshi. I am a second year computer science undergraduate at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Pune. I am a MERN Stack web developer, android developer and a ML enthusiast. I primarily work with full stack web applications having nodejs/expressjs for backend and reactjs for the frontend.
Github profile url: vijayjoshi16 (Vijay Joshi) ยท GitHub
Among the given list of ideas I found the 4th one by the name " Real-time collaboration on a note" the most interesting and suitable one for me. I'm really excited to contribute to Joplin and I'll try to solve some issues and get started with the contributions....

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I need some help from the mentors PackElend and roman_r_m regarding how to get started with the contributions.... I am interested in idea of the web application for " Real-time collaboration on a note" but the github repository contains only the mobile app, desktop app and the web clipper....I've not worked with react native and electron js so it'll be initially challenging for me to start with mobile and desktop app respectively...I can work with nodejs for server side development but can't find a good issue to start with....So some advice from the mentors PackElend and roman_r_m would really help me get started.
Thanks in advance

At this point you don' need to (and should not!) start implementing real-time collaboration or any other of GSoC ideas.
Make sure your dev environment is set up, i.e. you can build and run, say, the desktop version.
Once this is done, pick an issue from the tracker (look for the "good first issue" label) and have a go at it.

look what I replied in Introducing Abhishek - GSoC - Joplin Forum (