Introducing Akash Konda

Hi, I am Akash Konda, an undergraduate student in computer science at KMIT Hyderabad, India.

I have been working on projects with NodeJS, Angular, MongoDB, ExpressJS and would learn more on implementing-and-integrating real-time collaboration in JOPLIN which allows users to collaborate in real-time using the server API.

I'm planning on using Socket.IO for real-time collaboration, can you give any insights on technologies you would use to develop real-time collaborative environments?

I would love to have guidance from @PackElend and @roman_r_m.

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Hi there,
nice to have you around and welcome to the community.
As you ask, what to do next. Is anything unclear in the GSoC Guide for Joplin, as we tried to explain the next steps for each student arriving here as simple as possible.

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