How to start contributing

Respected sir/ma'am,
I am Tanmay Singhal, a third-year student from BITS Pilani, Pilani campus. I am interested and have a decent knowledge of full-stack web development (MERN backend and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for frontend) plus I'm fairly aware of C++.

I saw your documentations and found various interesting projects on web-dev especially the creation of real-time collaboration on a note. I would love to connect with you and start my open-source journey. Thus, it would serve me great if you could guide me through the process.

Hoping to hear from you soon




Real-time collaboration was a project in scope of GSoC 2021 which has already ended.

Best way to start contributing now is to first check out the project, make sure you can build it, and then pick an issue from the tracker (anything labelled medium/high) and try working on it.

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