Introducing Sainath (pathange-s)

Hello guys, Sainath this side. I am a sophomore at IIT Roorkee. I currently am exploring various fields available and opensource is surely a good field to try my hands out. On my way, I came across Joplin. The main theme of it did interest me.

I have done quite good amount of work on back-end engineering. I have successfully completed two internships as a backend developer (Node.js and Golang). I am good at web development. Also, I am working on a couple of projects. One of them being Quizio, a quizzing app built on Node Js and React.

I feel Joplin can be a good start for me at opensource. I will go through / find out what all I can and will try to understand how things work. Glad to receive inputs (if any) for me, as a beginner at your code-base apart from what's written in documentation and help.

And thanks to any welcome ! Cheers !