Introducing Rohan Asokan

Hey everyone! I am Rohan Asokan. I am a sophomore at IIIT Hyderabad. I am a full stacker by trade (pardon the expression ;)). I had worked with tesseract for one of my older projects - albeit in python. I think I can take those learnings and put them to use towards the OCR plugin. The idea for a Kanban plugin also interests me quite a bit.

I would like to make a few PRs before even getting started with these ideas so as to learn the codebase. Do I have to make PRs related to the ideas or just towards anything that needs help?

I am not quite new to OSS - I have been active with the KDE community for a while and am hoping to expand my horizons, so to say.

Github: ArenaGrenade · GitHub
Website: (Try not to open it on a really low end device, and don't tell me I didn't warn you - its still under construction so its not very optimized)

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Making contributions of any kind is fine. We're just looking to see if you understand the basics of git, and how to use GitHub for contributing to open source. We're also looking to see how you are at jumping into and understanding a new code base.



Hi! Caleb, I am trying to try and add a shortcut key combination. I would like some pointers for the same. I currently understand that there is a global event handler but, sadly I cant seem to figure out where key combinations are set.

One other tiny thing - I want to know how to print values to any console - either the inner dev tools console or the terminal. It would help me in understanding what happens where and how better.

console.log prints to the dev tools console.

Hmmm...maybe I did that in the wrong place. But should I not be able to console.log right at mount of the app?

I am talking about the app.ts inside the desktop application and I tried logging from the exported app() function towards the end of the file.

function app() {
    console.log("APP start");
    if (!application_) application_ = new Application();
    return application_;

export default app;

Should this not work and log something out right when I open the app? Sorry if this seems trivial - I come from a react, react-native and vue regime - this normally just works there.

Shortcuts are handled by the KeymapService, or by the user under Tools -> Options -> Keyboard

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Works ok for me:


That is really weird. I have the current bleeding edge from github (v.1.8.0). I just do yarn start to run the app-desktop and that in turn runs gulp build && electron . --env dev --log-level debug --no-welcome --open-dev-tools after which I just see this,

I am currently on a Manjaro system if that could be a problem...I do not get any warnings during my build,

I currently am running "electron": "^10.1.6", and I found this issue on electron similar to what I am having console.log does not log to the dev tools console window · Issue #11990 · electron/electron · GitHub. I am not sure if this could be related?

Please check the build document again, particularly this section

Well! I was doing that but for some reason it wasn't working. I just nuked the whole project and pulled down again and it works :slight_smile:. Thanks for the help.