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Introducing nullpointer666

Introducing nullpointer666

Hi there. I am Azamat Rsymbetov, 2nd year CS student from Kazakhstan.

I have some experience in JavaScript, Node.js and programming overall.

What really got me interested in Joplin is their terminal app and Markdown support.
As an avid linux user, I have used quite a few terminal apps, but haven’t found good one for note taking (except org-mode in emacs, but it requires to install external text editor so it’s not an option). I think joplin might be the solution, because terminal version is not bad, but it requires a bit of rework and enhancements.

I’m eager to work with Joplin and hope that I will be useful to the community!


great to have you here and warm welcome from the community.
We are looking forward to your first contribution to the code base.
Don’t mind if you ask me for help if you get stuck in the code, I will try to guide you to the right folks

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Hi PackElend. I want to ask some questions regarding the cli client of Joplin.

  1. Why did they choose terminal-kit instead of curses?
  2. Is it ok to copy tkwidgets code to cli client directory and remove the package itself because I want to modify them and fix something. And also the tkwidgets is just a small collection of ready implementations of UI elements, so removing it shouldn’t corrupt the existing codebase I think.
  3. Why is there an option for changing focus to the content of the note (3rd window)? Does it actually make sense? I know that you can edit it by pressing Enter, but you can do the same thing when you are on 2nd window which shows the list of notes.
  1. that has to be answered by laurent I reckon there was good reason to do so, you need to ask this in the corresponding topic
  2. you can figure it out by yourself by trying it in your clone. In addition you can ask #development after you done with some local tets
  3. has to be asked in #development
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I’m the other intro mentor here, Brandon. Welcome

  1. As another Linux user, I’m going to safely assume that since the standard curses libraries that are not nodejs implementations are primarily Linux, Bsd and Mac with extremely limited Windows support, it could definitely make a Windows version of the terminal app problematic.

  2. Replacing any libraries used in the project would probably be better saved for your official project proposal. Instead, if you want to go that route, you’ll need to work on a PR or two that are just as complex and directly related to what you are wanting to do here to prove your capabilities.

  3. I agree with Pack on this one.