Introducing Mohamad Ashraf

Hello everyone, I am Mohamad Ashraf (some just use Shiro), a 4th year Communication engineering student at Alexandria Universty, following my passion in web technologies and fullstack even before college, i have experienced both of front and back-end popular framworks, i recently had interest in participating in open-source projects especially related to web technologies so Joplin was jsut the correct choice.

Currently i have finished one PR any further PRs will be in a comment,
First PR: Fix auto scrolling when moving a note

Thanks for your time


Welcome here, I had a quick look at your PR and it seems ok. Please consider creating a second one to better showcase your skills - there are recent high priority bugs which may be relatively simple to solve: Issues · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Also remember that the deadline for submitting your proposal is 2 April so you might want to look into this too in parallel.

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