Introducing Minhal Aftab

Hello everyone, I am Minhal Aftab. I am third year student studying in LUMS in Pakistan.
I am interested in the Joplin App and do have some ideas on it. I have decided to turn my summers into a useful working experience.
I have not seen the latest working model of the app however I downloaded the latest version (yesterday) uploaded on app store. Upon viewing the app i have found a few things it lacks in. I would love to be introduced with the mentors so i can get their help in writing a proposal. I am a beginner in coding however i recently developed interest in React Native(for front end) and node.js for backend. I want the app to be visually interacting compared to the text based version that i have downloaded.

Welcome to the forums. I’m Stefan ; I’m one of the mentors here. If you have any questions about the project, please read the GSoC Live Blog up top.
If it doesn’t answer, feel free to reply here and I’ll see what I can do.

Are the list of the provided features the only features you are willing to update or can we provide our idea in the proposal. Also to be accepted even before writing the proposal we need to first fix an issue?

for sure as said in the GSoC Live Blog! :sun_with_face:

you can draft you proposal first before working on a fix but we won't accept any student without a valid PR as we don't know how your coding skills are, so the earlier the better