Introduction to the community

Hello, everyone,
my name is Sumukha I am an undergraduate from India,
I am here to improve my skills.
I have worked on Js, Python, Django…
but my main interest got into React, React-Native
I believe that I can learn a lot of things from you guys.
Thank you for a great opportunity @team-Joplin

github account


Welcome. Have you read the GSoC information yet? Also, feel free to peruse the Github issue tracker. All bugs that aren’t claimed and don’t have Pull Requests available should be up for grabs.

ok…Thank you

Hello Everyone, My name is Aravind Srinivasan, currently pursuing my B.Tech 3rd year Computer Science at SASTRA University, India. I am Full Stack developer highly proficient with ReactJs, NodeJs, Express, SQL , MongoDB and Docker.
I loved the proposed projects and would love to start contributing right away, if someone could guide me for where to look stuff.

Thanks in advance
Aravind Srinivasan

Hi and welcome,
sure that you

it tells you what to do.
Moreover, there is banner on the top
In a nutshell, we would prefer if you solve some issue first, to get know each other :wink:.

Hi there,
time is moving forward and the deadline is closing in but we haven’t heard that much from you recently.
You are getting along with the code?
If you have any troubles don’t hesitate to ask around in the forum.

Don’t forget to watch/subscribe to the GSoC Live Blog to stay tuned.

good luck with GSoC