Introducing Hemanth_ASP aka Hemanth Reddy

Hi peeps!

This is Hemanth_Asp aka Hemanth Reddy.
A sophomore studying CSE at IIT Bhilai.I was thrilled to begin my development adventure after learning about the world of opensource from our seniors. I later participated in Hacktoberfest, most likely by not updating readme files or fixing typos. I can't wait to contribute to Joplin and take part in GSoC as I continue my open-source experience!

->> I'm interested in the project concept to use my UI/UX talents along with app development to develop a "rich text editor on mobile" and make some significant adjustments to the native uninteresting UI design.

I've read the documents and guidelines through. Let's get together in the github issue and discussion section.
I'm excited to connect with other fellow developers and exchange ideas.