Introducing fhfuih

Alright if I have to do Introducing <username> its gonna be a weird name haha!

My name is Zeyu, a 3rd year student studying in Computer Science & Mathematics (double major) in the Hong Kong University of Science of Technology but currently on exchange in the University of Waterloo in Canada. I am very interested in software development/software engineering, and has (sort of?) industrial JavaScript/React/Redux/Express/MongoDB experience as an full-time intern working for my uni HKUST to enhance the campus map website last summer. I am also familiar with pure HTML/CSS, and libraries like bootstrap, semantic-ui, jQuery, gulp doing some small projects myself. And I am looking forward to explore Electron and other stuff and push myself further.

So I have some questions about the application rundown… Are we supposed to PR our first fix (i.e. "good-first"s) before 16th, the day we can actually apply for GSoC? And do we need to hand in the idea proposal before 16th or 31st?

And my GitHub

Nice to meet you guys!

the earlier the better to get know you

the earlier you do this the easier as less pressure time-wise will be commenting from our side


@fhfuih i just opened this one a couple hours ago.

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Thank you @bedwardly-down ! But I already worked on #2688 yesterday. I just PRed #2712 regarding this issue. But I think I need some help how to trigger an error or retry on the sync page. Right now I haven’t confirmed that my code works.

I’m not 100% sure how error handling works here but i know it’s mixed between a custom error system built for Joplin and Electron bridge

Oh I didn't mean an thrown error in the program. I mean I have to try if my "retry all" button works right? So I have to make synchronization fail somehow, so the retry all button appears and I can click on it. :joy:

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how to get along with contributing to the code base?

Yeah... I am just asking and no offense but, I feel quite weird right now. I am asking the same question over and over again: I am editing a UI component that hints the user of an error. But I don't know how to trigger this error, thus can't test it myself. I just want to be more responsible for my own codes. I posted this question everywhere, on this thread, on my follow-up comments of the issue, on the description of my PR. People are seeing my question and following up my PR all the time. They say oh how're things going? Can you refactor here a little bit? But no one has ever answered my question. Either the reply "I believe someone else is more familiar with this part" or simply ignore this question but commenting my codes only. No one's even saying "We expect you to go through the source code and figure out how to trigger the error yourself." or "It's okay I can test the UI for you during the code review."
And I understand that you are busy managing a project of this complicated. But I received replies to each amendment of my PR after ~3 days and now it is only one week left before the proposal deadline but my first-issue hasn't been accepted yet. :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

Is it because I didn't @PackElend please label my issue Desktop: Add "retry all" option to synchronisation page by fhfuih · Pull Request #2712 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub


I like your attitude thanks for the straight words :slight_smile: .
I will drop the others a note who can help you out but can you post you question in detail in #development as this is watched by the coders.
In #gsoc we discus rather non-code related things.
I will tell the others to answer you post in #development

so you got some comments I share some thought of us, hope that helps:

  • There was problems to come across your posts as information was quite limited, that explains certain silence
  • question why you haven^t continue doing PRs
  • the PR was checked again and the code looks about right and we expect we can merge (still need to test though)
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Be more proactive without being a nuisance by @mentioning anyone outside of me or @PackElend and that should help. Don’t wait on us if you have multiple ideas you wanna try. We’re getting down to the wire on this.

Thank you for easing my concerns. I will continue on my proposals and exploring ideas in the following days. And yes I haven't used a forum for years and I will try to be more accurate posting ideas and contents. :slightly_smiling_face: