Introducing Chhekur

Hello everyone,
My name is Chhekur, and I am computer science undergraduate from India.
I go through the GSoC 2020 Ideas, I really wanna say all the ideas are awesome and here is the project that excites me Collaboration via Nextcloud.

I am having working experience in Node and other technologies as well, have written 3 frameworks on the top of Node.
I am also having knowledge of Data structures and Algorithms that helps me a lot in optimizing my solutions.

I got some ideas to solve Collaboration via Nextcloud, like we have to make the *association *between the 2 user, those are sharing files with each other.

Looking forward to contribution.

My Github username: Chhekur

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welcome to the community,
can’t wait for your first fix

may you want to share some basics of your ideas in Joplin Web API for Nextcloud?

I shared my approach in Joplin Web API for Nextcloud :wink: