Introducing Ashray123 - OCR support

Greetings,my name is Ashray jha , i am 20 yrs old, currently i am in 4th sem pursuing my at Gandhi Institute For Technological Advancement(GITA BBSR) .I am new to open source and I see that this community is gearing up for GSoC this year. This community does work in the field of my interest and I would love to become an active contributor with this program as my first step. I had a look at the ideas page, and the project titled "OCR SUPPORT " i.e Project-5 intrigues me. I have prior experience with javascript ,node js Since I haven’t worked with this community before, I would like to get started with some simple contributions.

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go ahead :slight_smile:

It would have been very helpful if you just help me finding a bug that will be appropriate for me to fix according to the level of my experience as i see the bugs already listed are been assigned to some person or someone is already working on it .

we will try to extend good first issue but until than you have to chose by yourself as we don’t know your skills


Hi there,
time is moving forward and the deadline is closing in but we haven’t heard that much from you recently.
You are getting along with the code?
If you have any troubles don’t hesitate to ask around in the forum.

Don’t forget to watch/subscribe to the GSoC Live Blog to stay tuned.

good luck with GSoC

@Ashray123 when are you going to send us a PM with your proposal, the one send in via Google is not looked on!
It is clearly mentioned in the GSoC Live Blog

Moreover, I cannot see any activity of you here and on GitHub!

Sorry for the inactivity, I am still having difficulty finding an issue which I could work on therefore I am still working on finding and fixing some.

that does not help?

Ok i will do it as soon as i fix one .

Hey there,
we figured out that copied a lot from

and from the Tessaract repo and makes little sense actually.

Either you are going to submit a bombastic pull request or you will not be considered.

Ok i will come with a pull request very soon .

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