Introducing Abhishek

Warm greetings to all !

I am Abhishek Ranjan on GitHub as iamabhi222, A sophomore from BIT Sindri (Dhanbad, India). I have been using Joplin from quite a long and always admire Joplin for its clean UI, I am trying to get my hands on some issues and fortunately I got my first PR merged with Joplin yesterday, though that was only a documentation fix but at least I got a start :sweat_smile:

As a part of GSOC, I would love to work on Real-time collaboration on a note and so trying to get myself familiarize with the codebase and also working on CRDT and WebRTC, also looking forward to @PackElend and @roman_r_m for some quick start guide.

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Hi Abhishek

Have you read Google Summer of Code 2021 | Joplin ? Once you've done that, set up your dev environment, pick an issue and try fixing it.

in addition, you can read into
what do you think about adding
"create proof on concept how multi-user, server-based sharing" Joplin could work.

in Joplin Server pre-release is now available - Development - Joplin Forum ( and we discuessed about in Any suggestions on what web technology could be used to add support for sharing notes? - Development - Joplin Forum (



The sharing feature for Joplin Server is already partially implemented actually - sharing by link is already done (will release in 1.8) and sharing a notebook I have some ideas on how to do it, so we don't need that kind of work at this stage.

but going a step beyond that:
. could almost be a separate app wouldn't it? The app would just displays a text editor with the content shared using a web socket, that's all independent of Joplin, then at regular interval it would update the note via the Joplin Server API.

but maybe:
some of the apps would required to be implemented in the server.
In case of Convergence: The Real-Time Collaboration Engine it looks like it would be quite trivial as it comes with it own convergencelabs/convergence-server: The Convergence Server ( It only needs to be able to block syncs against the server as long as there is collaboration ongoing.
In addition, real-time collaboration is properly not that much required if you can sync quickly against the same target.

Working in bug-fix is mandatory to tell us if you are really able to code or do just copy&paste, in addition in gives an idea how well you understand Joplin's codebase.

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