Is it possible to share notebooks

I would like to know if it’s possible to share notebooks between users.


Mobile sharing is currently broken for an indefinite amount of time due to the library used being abandoned by its maintainer and alternatives that are compatible with the react native libraries used in Joplin being scarce or almost nonexistent.

Thanks for your fast answer!!

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You’re welcome. The closest ones that are still working and being maintained are primarily focused on social media sharing and would probably need heavy work to be usable with Joplin.

I believe there’s an open PR here which is trying to solve the issue. It was put on hold because there was also a similar GSoC topic, but I think it’s been given a go-ahead now

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Thanks for sharing that. I’m under the impression that the person working on it is building the implementation directly into Joplin to avoid having to use a third party library in the future?

Yeah, I think so. From what I read, he’s reusing most of the old code, and writing the relevant parts of the library into Joplin itself

If that’s what’s going on, i hope the license permits it. I haven’t checked but if the license is something like the MPL or a GPL derivative, that could cause Joplin problems if the library gets a new maintainer.

I just checked, its on an MIT licence. I’m not sure if it solves the issue entirely, but I think MIT is more permissive?

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If it’s MIT, that’s perfect. It’s what Joplin uses and is one of the most solid ones available

I’m the author of that PR btw, maybe I should rename one of the accounts.

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You probably should. I was looking for your github username to tag you here :smile:

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I don’t really see an issue with the name as long as you get it done and we know who you are.

You could of course log out and just login with your github account to easily fix it. You might lose some functionality here due to user level but that should be easy enough to gain back