Week 10 update: Real Time Collaboration on a Note

Hey Everyone, This is the final week report for GSoC. The last couple of weeks have been a bit stressful for me, But I managed to complete few tasks. (I'll shortly make a new post on how to run the current project.)

I believe this project is still at the beginning of its curve and there's a lot more to be developed. Although, if you want to give the current project a try, you can pull the code and run it on your local machine.

Link to the repository: joplin/plugin-collaboration

Currently, there are final examinations that I need to take of first. I will have to hold until my final examinations are complete, which are about 2 weeks, and resume the development from September.


What has been done

  • Fixed initial sync of Note Title issue.
  • Fixed few UI issues.
  • Added disabling the means of editing for peers until the host is online.
  • Added markdown-related Toolbar options.

PR related to the above changes.

Current UI of the web app


@Aksh-Konda Can you please follow up on this and publish it as a plugin? :pray:

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