GSOC: Some new idea to discuss

Hey folks, greetings of the day.
I looked through the idea list, i am interested in working on real time collaboration project. Would love to proceed with it.
Also i have some idea related to joplin's basic feature(to do) would love to discuss it with community.

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Have you read Google Summer of Code 2021 | Joplin ? At this point you should set up your dev env and try working on an existing issue to get familiar with the code.

i was looking for someone to discuss a idea,
it is also related to real time collaboration, what the idea is that we can schedule to do thing for other people. For example if i want my friend to do something at some part of day for me i could schedule the same on his account that he could be notified as its obvious both of us can forget the to do thing.

Let me know if such type of new feature could be included?

It doesn't sound related to real-time collaboration, I think it's closer to notebook sharing feature which is in plans for joplin server, I believe.

As to whether it can be included or not, it's up to Laurent. Personally, I have no use for it but other people may have.

I think it's too early to start discussing new project ideas. As Roman suggested, the best is to start by reading the documentation, perhaps get involved in the forum and start working on a simple pull request. All the info you need about this should be in the doc but if not, let us know.

its related in the way that one is able to access other persons todos though not in realtime way

yes got your point. will do the same. thanks.

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