Introducing abhi6501

Good day everyone. I am Abhi Suwetha B in my Second year of B.Tech, Computer Science Engineering in Amrita University, Coimbatore.

I have done few courses on Web Development and have created few static websites using Node, Express, React, Vue.js. I also have experience in integrating the websites with few DB’s like mySQL and MongoDB.

These are the areas I would like to work:
1. Password-protected notes
2. Search
3. Support for multiple profiles
I am very much interested in joining the team of Joplin through GSOC to contribute some part, as it would be a great opportunity and motivation for my future works.

My github account is

Welcome to the forums. I’m Stefan ; I’m one of the mentors here. If you have any questions about the project, please read the GSoC Live Blog up top.
If it doesn’t answer, feel free to reply here and I’ll see what I can do.

Thank you sir.

Sir, Is my skill set enough? or Can you suggest me a few things which I could learn to improve myself, So I could be able to do the tasks??

And Where should I exactly start with??

I cannot not tell if your skills are sufficient, that is only you who can tell us.
Why not trying to fix a bug? That tells you if you are capable to do the job.