Introducing Abhay Jain

Hey,I am Abhay 3rd year student in IIT Kharagpur, recently i worked on Node.js,MongoDB, for real time) with react.js.
I would love to contribute in Joplin Projects

  • Real-Time Collaboration on a note
  • And for OCR project i never work with this library but willing to learn something new.
  • Kanban plugin

Doubts regarding Projects
Will we make Complete new web application for collaboration project or add this in current app


Hi Abhay,

Some of the proposed projects will be independent plugins. And some will be inside Joplin core.

Of the 3 you've identified, only the first needs to be in Joplin core.

Okay i will setup Joplin code-base one more thing what will be used for Real-time project?
Thank You for clearing my doubt

In general all code, even plugins, should be done using TypeScript.

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