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Using Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS, 64-bit with 42.9 GNOME version.
Trying to download Joplin I come across a variety of obstacles. Using the terminal I typed long commands only learning that Ubuntu does not recognise wget and later curl and then it wouldn't accept libfuse2 and now i will give up.
What i don't understand is that Joplin seems to be popular with Ubuntu users, and for some reason a download is not straight forward.
I have been using Ubuntu for some years now, like it in many ways, but I for sure could use some straight forward downloads of programs and not needing to install all kinds of things i have no clue what they do.
I know this is not a question, if only to ask if i am alone in thinking that programs should be automatically be compatible with an OS.
Thanks, Ton

Unfortunately Appimage still relies on libfuse2 which many distros have started removing. We have an FAQ entry that covers this. This isn't a Joplin specific thing, many apps distributed via appimage have this issue.

As for wget and curl, I know curl might not be on every distro but I'm pretty sure Ubuntu ships with wget doesn't it? It does at least on my 22.04LTS VM.

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Who cares what it recognizes? Install the packages you need, it takes 10 seconds.

sudo apt-get install wget libfuse2 -y

Not all packages are installed by default because then everyone complains how "bloated" the distro is.

All Ubuntu users know Snap does that, but Snap is generally disliked by developers and users alike, so while "it exists", it's understandably not something that many developers package for. But if you spent 10 seconds and checked you would have found unofficial packages the usual way.

I'm tempted to say most users don't care whether something is a Snap if it works, the reviews on the snap are generally all positive.

There's a lot of broken snaps on the store, but that's a people problem as much as it's a technology problem. Maintainers shouldn't be uploading packages unsuitable for the format and then abandoning them to rot. Joplin itself works absolutely fine as a snap for the vast majority of people.


The dislike of snaps is definitely the vocal minority with tech enthusiasts. Most average Ubuntu users don't know or care so long as it works. I actually prefer them to flatpaks as I've had nothing but issues with those.


Technically, I've no problem with Snaps and use them myself on both servers and my client:

$ snap list| wc -l

I was commenting from the angle highlighted by @Dearaxa - if you search the Internet you'll find those comments. But I wouldn't have provided the search link if I didn't find the snaps worthy of consideration.

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