Improving UI response

Now, 5 PRs of all 11 PRs are merged, and some part of this improvement can be tried in v2.9.1.


Just wanted to say thank you for all the performance improvements. Among others, I use Joplin on quite underpowered hardware (e.g. Intel Atom tablets/netbooks) and the speed benefits are definitely noticeable on those :slightly_smiling_face:.

Just out of curiosity, as this isn't exactly related to the UI, do you think there's anything that could be done in terms of performance to improve the launch speed of the application? At the moment, Joplin requires quite a lot of I/O and CPU power just to start, which often takes as much as ~30 seconds or so on the slow hardware.


Thank you so much ken1kob. These speed improvements are much needed.

Yes on pre-release 2.9.1, mine take ~35 seconds with balanced power plan and 8-9 plugins. Without plugin about ~28 seconds.
In comparison Firefox take ~2 seconds to start.

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Now, 6 PRs of all 11 PRs are merged, and some part of this improvement can be tried in v2.9.17.


Now, 2.9.17 has become the latest stable version. So, a new demo branch based on 2.9.17 with all 11 PRs is prepared for those who would like to try the improved UI response. The old demos are still available.

This chart shows the comparison between vanilla 2.9.17 and the above demo (quick-slim-note-2.9.17).

  • Since 2.9.17 already contains 6 of the 11 PRs, its performance is significantly better than 2.7.15.
  • Furthermore, quick-slim-note-2.9.17 is upto 1.6x faster than vanilla 2.9.17 by the remaining 5 PRs.




It's been a while.
Sadly, I noticed the following remaining 5 PRs were recently rejected.