Improving Search in mobile app

If we want to search Note, we have to write a complete word and submit then it sends response to us,
but a mobile user always wants a quick search with suggestions, without any change in Search Plugin I added this search it filter notes in flatList. it will give better experience to user

and all other functionalities are same like highlighting searched content .

give your Feedback !!!!!!!


@laurent please guide me, to improve search in mobile app, I want to compile search plugin and above showing filter FlatList method in Search.js, both will work together and will give desirable output , this way search experience will go on next level and User get quick response.

Thanks for your interest but there's already a search feature on mobile so there's no plan to add a second one. If something is changed it would be the existing search feature, although there's no spec on how exactly it should be improved.

If it's in the context of GSoC, note that we are way more interested in bug fixing than adding new features.

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Not sure about it,yet!!

can I work on some Backlog issues of mobile app??
that's count as a bug fixing?

Any chance of search within note for mobile? There seems to be no way to do this, or am I missing something?

You can with the beta editor (which will be the regular editor from 2.10). On 2.9 you can enable this editor in the settings

I've noticed this issue as well and it sounds more like a bug than a feature request.

e.g. Searching for "Supermarket" in the iPhone app:

  • Enter "super" then search = returns no results.
  • Enter "supermarket" then search = returns correct results.

Partial words don't appear to be searching correctly. I'm using v12.9.2 if that helps.

On 12.10 at least it searches in real-time and entering the full word is not needed. But i thought that was part of 2.9 too

Took me a while. Joplin 12.9.2 on iPhone. Not "settings" but "configuration". Took me a while to realize I had to 'save' my changes: an icon that looked like an ancient mac floppy disk. Finally I managed to enable the beta editor which, very nice, but I seldom edit anything on my phone. Nice to know I can. But what I really need is to be able to search the rendered note so that I can use the link thus found.