Impossible to accept Server settings on Android app

It says for bug reports please post them on Github, which I did, but I see no activity, no ack.
I'm not complaining, I'm just hoping for a workaround.

Here's the Github issue.

And here's the content copied.:

I setup Joplin today for the first time, installed the Windows program, imported Evernote exports, then setup Joplin Server beta with docker compose.
Setup a user and without any difficulty was able to setup synchronize and sync.

Next I installed the Android app
No matter what I do, the Android app will not accept the synchronization settings when I do the check synchronization configuration I get

Error. Please check that URL, username, password, etc are correct and that the sync target is accessible. > The reported error was:
Network request failed

I typed and retyped, checked and double checked, all the entries are correct.
I'm able to connect to the server from a Chrome browser on the phone, but the app does not want to connect.

What gives?

The server is running on LAN only and I'm trying to access it on LAN only.
http and default port 22300
At first I was trying to access the server by hostname, then I changed to IP just in case if it was dns issue.


Joplin version: 2.11.32
Platform: Android
OS specifics: Android 13

If I perform the curl command from the logs, it works, I get id, user_id / http 200

Steps to reproduce

See above

Describe what you expected to happen

I expect the app to accept the server settings and synchronize

The logfile is at Github.

If there is any workaround, I greatly appreciate your feedback.

Hy there i have some suggestion for you

Check Internet Connection: Ensure that your Android device has a stable and working internet connection. Check if you can access other websites or apps to verify the connection.

Restart the App: Close the app completely and then reopen it. Sometimes, a simple app restart can resolve minor glitches.

Clear App Cache: Go to the App settings on your Android device, find the app in question, and clear its cache. This can help resolve issues caused by cached data.

Update the App: Check if there is an updated version of the app available on the Google Play Store. Updating the app can often fix bugs and improve performance.

Restart Your Device: Sometimes, a device reboot can help resolve various app-related issues.

Check Server Status: If the app requires connecting to a specific server, check if the server is up and running. It's possible that the server may be experiencing downtime or maintenance.

Thanks and regards

You are not running any VPN (or similar) on your Android device ?
Joplin (on windows) and the Joplin server run flawlessly together - both on the same network (LAN) ?
Your Android device can access the computer (same url) on which you run the Joplin server ?

Thanks @JayCrawford and @ajay for the suggestions.

The problem is with the app, the phone and the server are on the same network on the LAN, I'm not trying to access the server over VPN, and I can access the server from a Chrome browser on the phone without any issues, hence why I say the issue is with the app.

Does the app only work with https? I have not setup the server with ssl.

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