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Importing from colornote

Hey guys,

I recently switched to Joplin after using Colornote for quite a while. Due to Colornote's lack of export features, the migration process was a pain. Additionally, I wanted to keep the creation and modification dates of my notes intact. So I ended up writing a script that takes care of all of that. Here it is, in case anybody ever wants to do something similar:

P.S. I'm loving the app. I tried it a few years back but never switched over. It's really matured since that time. Kudos to the devs!


Are you talking about colornotes (with an s at the end) for Android, or some other app ?

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Yes! Thank you for the correction. I've apparently been pronouncing it wrong in my head all these years :smiley: . I've edited my post to fix that. Now gotta go fix all the other places I've been mistyping it.

That name is quite confusing, there's indeed a "ColorNote", and a "ColorNotes" on Google Play. So yours is the one with an "s" then? (although your post title is still without "s") Maybe you should link to the relevant app, so users know for sure which one you support.


Oh wow, I didn't know there were two apps that are named so similarly. Thanks for the link idea, I'll definitely do that. It should mitigate any confusion.
Turns out it was "Colornote" all along and when ajay suggested that the name is actually "Colornotes" it just didn't occur to me that there can be another app so similarly named.
I can't seem to edit my original post. Could somebody please paste the link in there, and change all the "colornotes" to "colornote"? (Including the one in the url to the github page. I'll go back and change it so it matches up again.) Here's the link:

I've changed everything but the gh link, since the repo still uses the s.

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I just changed the repo. Could you change the link too?

Done. Now you still have to change the README.md and the script name in the repo.... :wink:

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Thank you! And thanks for reminding me about those changes! I think it's all good again. :grin: