Image scaling and delete resource

Joplin 2.6.10 Linux desktop
I am just starting to work with Joplin. The programme is brilliant, just what I have been looking for for ages. Thank you to everyone involved in the development of the software.

I have 2 questions that I have not found answers to on the forum.

  1. I am placing several images next to each other and want them to be of equal height. When I grab the top right corner (1) and pull towards the bottom left corner (2), it raises the bottom right corner (3) instead of lowering the top (standard and expected behaviour). Shouldn't it be the other way around? With this action it is very difficult to align heights because you have no visual control over whether the dimension aligns with the one next to it). The same happens analogously by grabbing the top left corner.

  1. When I right-click on a photo or pdf file, there is no "delete" option. Simply deleting the photo (del key) does not remove the file from the "resources". Once it happened to me that manual deletion from a folder resulted in a sync error (file was in sqlite database and not physically in the folder, I had to manually delete the sqlite record with that ID number). How do I correctly handle the deletion of attachments to avoid problems?

Hi, welcome to the forum!

Let me first tackle the resources question:
Resources should be managed by Joplin itself. Their deletion is managed mostly by note history: if you have note history = 2 days, Joplin must keep the resources for 2 days even though you seemingly deleted them.

There are a few caveats with the process but mostly it works like that. So deleting an attachment and awaiting Joplin to clean up the resources is "the correct way" to delete the attachments.

About images in TinyMCE (wysiwyg): it seems like it is just an undesirable behaviour and can be probably documented on github as a bug.

Thank you for the explanation!

As for TinyMCE - it is indeed a problem of the editor itself. I checked the demo on the editor's website and it behaves the same way. Strange I admit, I have not encountered this in any other program capable of scaling images. Always scaling starts from the corner we grab (which seems obvious and intuitive). Here, no matter what corner you grab, it will scale from the bottom right corner. I have to raise this topic in the TinyMCE forum.

As for deleting files. If it works like this, that after 2 days the files are deleted automatically then awesome!

The 2 days of note history was just an example: by default the setting is 90 days and you can adjust how you need it to be, including disabling the note history altogether.

Settings > Note History

I see, so images are stored for the history (the length of which is set in the options). All clear, thank you for clarifying.

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