Image Compression Option

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From my understanding, Joplin uses PNG only.
It would be nice to have the option to choose between PNG and JPG format when pasting images to save extra space.


Are you taking about desktop or moblie?

On mobile at least Joplin tries to use the same extension for resized image as the original but due to a bug it in fact always uses jpeg.
To be more precise it uses png if the orignal is png otherwise it defaults to jpeg.

Sorry, forgot to mention it, I’m talking about desktop (on Windows 10).

Hello everyone! I am new here and I'm in the process of making my notes free (I am captive of Onenote). A factor hindering my transition is that I want to be able to conveniently attach compressed-and-resized images taken by phone camera.

My goal is to make my note neat and small. My current practice is using Open Camera to take jpg with quality~30. Then, attach image in Onenote. Onenote has a function of attaching document (perspective transformation and contrast enhancing).

Is the feature of image compression and resizing already exists in some plugin?

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For those who stumble upon this thread in the future, I recommend to use Attaché for auto compression of photos

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