Icon size for Electron About window

I’m wondering why the icon size is 32x32 for the icon in the About box. @laurent is an icon size of 128 not possible on Windows or Linux?

The current one looks horribly blurry.

diff --git a/ElectronClient/app/app.js b/ElectronClient/app/app.js
index 1cfb9aab..59a64c09 100644
--- a/ElectronClient/app/app.js
+++ b/ElectronClient/app/app.js
@@ -617,7 +617,7 @@ class Application extends BaseApplication {
                        bridge().showInfoMessageBox(message.join('\n'), {
-                               icon: `${bridge().electronApp().buildDir()}/icons/32x32.png`,
+                               icon: `${bridge().electronApp().buildDir()}/icons/128x128.png`,

After the above change it looks great:

So, unless there’s a good reason, I’d like to create a PR with the above change.

Btw, the icon for the status bar should be updated as well.


Yes please go ahead and set it to 128px. Not sure why it was 32px originally.

I indeed plan to update the tray icon too before the release.

I’ve created 3 PRs for different icon changes.

  • macOS
  • about window
  • clipper icons