I want the title of my notes to be updated automatically with the first paragraph.

I want the title of my notes to be updated automatically with the first paragraph.
This is more convenient.
Unless the title of the note is set separately.

If you leave the title blank it will default to the first 80 characters of the note. Does this not work for you?

I mean, if the first paragraph changes, then the note title changes automatically.
Not the first editor, but any later editing.
Do you understand what I mean?

Yes I see, it works like that up to a point, but it seems like after syncing it stops tracking. This is a feature that could be added.

This should be optional.

I use my title as such. As a title. My first line is either a heading or text, but it’s not something I want to see in my title.

This feature was discovered when I used evernote.
I feel very comfortable.
It means I can focus on the content rather than the title. The title is also part of the content.

If the title is set separately, it should not be affected by the body. If the title is automatically generated from the first paragraph, it should change as the content of the first paragraph changes. What do you think?

That is not a bad idea, but currently not possible. This info is not stored in the meta data and I doubt that we want to add another flag which has to be synced just for that.
Basically we would need a persistent flag that says auto-generated. I believe this is too big of an overhead for this. But I could be wrong.

I believe Evernote works roughly like Joplin for this: when you create a new note, it uses a part of the body as title. But if you change the title manually it stops doing this. I think if you close an re-open the note, the title is not going to be sync with the body either.