I want the title of my notes to be updated automatically with the first paragraph.

I want the title of my notes to be updated automatically with the first paragraph.
This is more convenient.
Unless the title of the note is set separately.

If you leave the title blank it will default to the first 80 characters of the note. Does this not work for you?

I mean, if the first paragraph changes, then the note title changes automatically.
Not the first editor, but any later editing.
Do you understand what I mean?

Yes I see, it works like that up to a point, but it seems like after syncing it stops tracking. This is a feature that could be added.

This should be optional.

I use my title as such. As a title. My first line is either a heading or text, but it’s not something I want to see in my title.

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This feature was discovered when I used evernote.
I feel very comfortable.
It means I can focus on the content rather than the title. The title is also part of the content.

If the title is set separately, it should not be affected by the body. If the title is automatically generated from the first paragraph, it should change as the content of the first paragraph changes. What do you think?

That is not a bad idea, but currently not possible. This info is not stored in the meta data and I doubt that we want to add another flag which has to be synced just for that.
Basically we would need a persistent flag that says auto-generated. I believe this is too big of an overhead for this. But I could be wrong.

I believe Evernote works roughly like Joplin for this: when you create a new note, it uses a part of the body as title. But if you change the title manually it stops doing this. I think if you close an re-open the note, the title is not going to be sync with the body either.

Guys, this is not a feature, this a bug... The only way to change the title of a note is to change the first line. If the title stops syncing with the first line, then we have a b[i|u]g problem.
The only alternative I see to change the title of a note is to create a new note, copy paste all the contents of the original note (with a different first line, of course) and delete the original note. This should not be the "default way".
The other alternative is to have the title independent from the first line, but at the moment I don't see that option (4 years after this has been reported...).

@Theos welcome to the forum.

No it's not a bug. Joplin has never worked the way you describe. If you do not initially type a title it "suggests" one from the first 80 or so characters of the note. The title will change if you change that first line of body text right up until you move away to another note. At that point the title becomes fixed. Alternatively, at note creation or at any other time you can just edit the title like any other note text. When creating a note typing something in the title field will also cause the title to become fixed and not associated with the first line of the note body.

If you later change the first line of a note and want the title to reflect that, you do not have to copy the entire text into a new note. Just highlight the bit of the new first line that you want as a title, right click, and copy paste into the title field.

It is. It is just that upon note creation Joplin "suggests" a title from the first line of the body text if one has not already been typed in the title field. After typing one, or accepting the suggestion and moving away from the new note, the auto-suggest between the first line and the title is removed and the title becomes an independent, editable field.


I finally understood, after reading your post, where the title is (and therefore how to edit it) :slight_smile: . It's on top of the "formatting text" bar (this is for anyone who has had the same problem as me):


Thank you for your time to answer.

I can see how you might miss that the Title was editable; it might be a better user experience if the formatting tool bar was placed above the Note Title in the interface.

That may suggest to some that the controls on the formatting bar could be applied to the title (which they can't) ...

To me Joplin is following the way many email clients separate the subject line from the message body with a formatting toolbar to show that the formatting can only be applied to anything below it.



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Very good point!

Yeah, I agree. It's probably because I am too used to Ms OneNote...
My suggestion (which is just that, a suggestion) would be to give an "editable feel/look" to the title like the email fields.

Thanks again for your quick replies.