I lost all my notebooks and Backup automatically with last update

I lost everything because of last update of Joplin.
First their is a GUI bug on Windows 7: we must change the size of the window to get something after the update, so I was able to see. and then when I saw my Notebook came the synchronisation, wonderfull: I lost my backup AND local notebook. I hate Joplin , I lost months of work in 5 seconds and it backup !!!
I just have a Conflict Notebook with 1% of my notes inside !!!

Sorry to hear that, I would be pretty upset as well. It might not mean much now, but give it another shot, all other notebooks have the potential of loss as well. With Joplin you can make regular backups outside of the synchronization system to have a bit more redundancy.
Sorry about your data. That sucks.

How could Joplin lose your notes and your backup, that doesn’t make any sense.

Also not clear what you’ve done to get all your notes deleted. If you care to explain maybe someone can help.

Maybe (part of) the problem is that OP (and several other posters on this forum) consider the cloud part of Joplin to be a backup – which it isn’t. You still must make regular backups of your local data, and/or the cloud data, if you value your notes,

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Yes that might be the issue. Maybe some users don’t realise that if they delete their data on the cloud, it will also delete it locally. Not sure how we can make it clearer that this is two way sync.

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Hi, yes but the synchronisation is not so good in Joplin if you cannot cancel it and go back to 1 or two synch before… So using the cloud is not good also with Joplin: if you have a problem on one device, you share the problem on all the devices automatically … that is very scary !!!
I only used synchro with my usb key, and Joplin destroy local data during last update (scary also, so never trust Joplin too much…) and synchronise the deletion to my USB key automatically. So it is safer and simplierto use Notepad++ with a markdown plugin and doing the backup manually once than doing auto synchro with manual backup also…
So is it possible to add some versioning into the synchro of Joplin (git?) this is what I begin to do manually, before creating some script. can I add the script into Joplin? if yes how? I don’t want to wait a solution that might come from the dev team, I prefer to do it myself, I can share it to the dev
Thank you

This is just how 2-way sync works - you do something on a device, and it replicates on all devices. If on Evernote you delete all your notes on one device, they’ll also be deleted on all the devices. Joplin obviously gives more control, and more ways to shoot oneself in the foot, since you can directly access the data on the sync target, delete it, modify it, etc.

There’s no known bug in Joplin that can lead to all data being deleted, but there are indeed ways to make mistakes and lose all of it. It’s true of any system where you control everything from the client to server. That’s a big advantage of Joplin but it also obviously have drawbacks.

I’m not sure how that can be improved. The only realistic solution that’s been proposed so far is to give a warning when Joplin is about to delete a lot of notes. The revision system is also there to prevent some mistakes, but not one where the whole sync target has been wiped out.

I did not see what backend you were using but for instance on dropbox there is a delay before the file is actually deleted.


He said, [quote=“krl91, post:6, topic:3168”]
I only used synchro with my usb key

So, I’m guessing he was doing a file sync to a USB Drive which was corrupted as USB drives are not very reliable. I also imagine that he thought that syncing to a usb drive was a good form of backup, not realizing it reduced his safety rather than increasing it.

But of course, that’s just my imagination, being as how he didn’t clearly describe the setup.

Hi. This was something I was not aware of and perhaps make a bold note on the web page regarding how if the sync target location is lost the local will be also. Additionally, stress back up your own “stuff”. Having said this, in version 1.0.169 is a Fail safe option turned on automatically - wouldn’t this option keep from loosing the local file set?

A colleague of mine just lost all his notes on the local PC- watching the folders disappear as the auto sync took action.

His resource folder is now reduced in size.

  • his install was put to a secondary HD on the PC as opposed to the c: Windows profile.

He was syncing to his company’s OneDrive. Were unable to see the Apps folder created, likely due to company view restrictions. I’m speculating the company did a OneDrive audit, saw the apps/Joplin folder and deleted.

Yes it should - if more than 90% of the notes are going to be deleted, sync should be interrupted.

Unfortunately, he was left with the notes he created this morning just prior. Everything else became digital dust.