I encrypted my joplin... and everything just died

Version: 1.0.245 (prod, linux)
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 33
Keychain Supported: No
Revision: 2aa7eaa
Source: joplin-appimg (only one that I could get to work, have not been able to successfully upgrade).

I am syncing with an RClone Crypt directory (or at least I was).

Operating system: Linux Manjaro Cinnamon

What happened

I copied and pasted my information from the local directory to the remote directory.
I pressed sync. Joplin said completed.
I encrypted all of the files. Joplin said completed.
I made some changes and exited my session.
I started up the session the next day and Joplin started syncing.
All files moved to 'Conflicts'... all of them. No link to where they came from.
Joplin deleted all of the notebooks, but notes were still all there, just in the conflict directory and noway to get them back or compare which notes were actually conflicting or why.

What I have
I still have a back up of the majority of my notes in terms of the MD files

What I can't do
Point Joplin at those notes so interact with them.

What do I need.
Access to those notes somehow.

So I can export them to Zim.

What do I do?

Start by not deleting our support template and provide the info we ask for - version numbers, etc. Then explain the problem in a way that makes sense and skip the rant. Keep it concise.

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You're using a very old version of the app.

Based on your info, it's not possible to tell what went wrong but the app doesn't randomly mark notes as conflict, so there's either some info missing, or something wrong with the rclone sync.

You should probably just delete everything and restore from backup.

I would but my 'back up' is in raw form. So... no back up. I've tried importing but Joplin just thinks that it is basic .md files and does nothing with it.

If it's in raw format, you can import as jex (raw).

Well that's what I'm doing but it's ignoring half the .mds which are apparently in plain... and the ones that were encrypted using the same master key that's in joplin, won't decrypt. It just keeps cycling through them endlessly.

Updated to 2.4.12 (Prod, Linux) from the Chaotic-AUR, the Joplin in the AUR itself 2.6 won't install.

When you say raw, do you mean actual RAW or have you dragged files out of your sync target? If it is the latter than that will be a right mess, it is a sync database, not a 1:1 copy of your notes

Also just be aware that neither the AUR nor chaotic-AUR are official distributions for Joplin. The appimage from the website is the only official distribution for Linux.

it's the raw md files still in the same place. Basically as Joplin generates them.

At the moment I'm getting sync lock error which is new...

What I mean is that Jopin doesn't produce "raw" files at all unless you intentionally export from the application as "RAW - Joplin Export Directory" which is a lossless but non-packaged export format.

If you have "auto generated" md files then these will be from your sync target and you can't import them via Joplin's import function (well you can but it will be a mess because of all the extra metadata not to mention all the partial notes and random other bits of pieces, note revisions etc.).

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Yes this is precisely the problem I'm coming up against.

It's a little frustrating that Joplin just can't be pointed at a series of files and load them. So that perhaps I could have 3 separate projects perhaps each with their own sets of notebooks.

It can and it does. The problem is coming from the folder not being a backup for import. It's a sync target folder.

In order to connect to this folder, you need to assign it as a sync target. Here's how you do it:

I am assigning it as a sync target but it yields the same failed results sadly as Daeraxa indicated.

If I choose to import it, it doesn't decrypt.
If I sync it, oh it syncs... it just doesn't do anything after downloading and decrypting the data. No notebooks are restored, no notes are input... nothing.

If it's really sync target data, and if nothing shows up after sync then it means it's incomplete. Just to be sure try with a clean app (delete .config/joplin-desktop first) then sync with that data. And post any error message here. How to enable debugging | Joplin

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