Export Notebook as Markdown

Hello Everyone
Unfortunately I haven't found a post about my problem yet, maybe someone can help me. I would like to export only one notebook from the database, but there is no option to export only one notebook or a selection of notebooks? When exporting as md, only "All" is offered.


Hello, you can actually select multiple notes and export them - select the notes, right click, export or
select the notes, watch out for panel on the right, export

This is easy with one notebook, multiple ones are more tricky: you gotta search them with notebook:name-of-your notebook1 notebook:name-of-your-notebook2 and select all notes in the note list of this search (more on search syntax)

Alternatively, you can add a tag to the notebooks' notes, choose the tag from tag panel and do the export as described above.

Did you try right clicking on the notebook in the notebook list?


Thanks to all the contributors, it's so simple and I haven't figured it out. I just tried exporting from the menu bar. Right click was completely out of mind.


I too find that some things are so obvious that they get missed. Especially when hidden behind a context menu like that.

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