How to view JEX file

I've just read ALL the entries about JEX files. It was like trying to read Klingon. Almost nothing I read could be translated into plain English. I guess Joplin users are primarily programmers and advanced techs.

One little nugget I gleaned somewhere is that a JEX file can be opened somewhat like a Zip file and then the contents read as plain text, but then the conversation lapsed into incomprehensible acronyms.

Has anybody done this? How did you do it?

I'm using the latest Windows desktop version and nothing is encrypted. The vast majority of my notes are text only but some have photos embedded. It's all research for a book. The photos are just copies and not important, but the text entries are.

I think you're confusing what a JEX file is. It's just a way to backup and restore notes, you're not supposed to look into it. It would be like looking at a JPG with an hex editor and expecting to see your photo.

Instead, if you want a readable format, export as Markdown + Front Matter. PDF or HTML are also good options.

Well, I tried pdf (which would be great) but that only worked for individual notes of which I have over a thousand.

I never tried Markdown as I thought that would end up being gibberish and I really didn't know what it meant. I just did, and it's PERFECT. Of course, I had to Google md file as I'd never heard of it but it opened fine in Notepad.

Maybe some day I'll write a "Dummies Guide to Joplin."


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If you end up working with MD files often, consider opening them in something like Typora for a nicer editing experience. :+1:t2:

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