How to use Joplin

Hello everyone,
I am new to Joplin and I need your guidance. My intention for using Jopin is to write journal and write notes as well as documentation (keep useful links).
Does it has this use cases?
And how is the security?

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.



welcome here.

There are a hundred ways to use Joplin. On this forum, you can read about a wide variety of experiences. They range from knowledge management, a documentary database, to the writing of scientific works or fiction. You'll have to rummage through the different sections.
You'll be able to carry out your project with Joplin.

Thank you very much., appreciate that.

You can search the forum for the journal plugin.

Joplin has a Webclipper - maybe that can help. More here in the forum.

Security aspects are explained on the homepage (“e2ee”) and well discussed here in the forum.

I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for. If you invest in some search. good luck and welcome!

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