How to undelete in owncloud - restore index possible?


First of all I want to support the already running feature request to have an “undelete” option for accidently deleting a note. A trash folder would be a real benefit for most of the users.

Today I found some option that somehow works with owncoud (but not very user-friendly):

  • login to owncloud
  • go to “deleted files”
  • look for the .md files and copy the filename / make a screenshot
  • restore the .md files (they are copied back into the original folder)
  • go to the owncloud / joplin folder, find the files (therefore you have the screenshot) and extract the contents with text editor. Or maybe import them in the desktop app (should work, i did not try)
  • delete the restored files again. Otherwise they are lying around in the filesystem without any function.

What does not work:

  • get the restored files synced with Joplin again (probably because they are not indexed to the Joplin database)

Now the question: Is there any way to let Joplin do a “full search” for new and un-indexed .md files? Maybe to add them into a “lost and found” notebook? This would help a lot with restoring deleted notes.

PS: Thanks for your effort in creating this great piece of software!