How to test Deep Links in Development mode

I was trying to develop a deep link but while testing it always open my Main Joplin app, How should I check if it is working or not in the development mode.

I'm not certain you can since the app needs to register a handler, but the dev app doesn't do it. Perhaps @roman_r_m can confirm this.

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Yes, as far as I'm aware you can't use them in the dev mode.

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Thanks for your response.

I was trying to make a deep link to install the plugin directly from the browser.

I am facing some errors. The first 1-2 times I use the deep link it works as expected and installs the plugin.


but after some time it somehow throws an error that runtime is not found

I tried to install 6 plugins 4 got installed, 1 gave an error that its already installed, and the last one give the runtime error
joplin.log (28.3 KB)

Well it looks like the link is working, otherwise there would be no error.

I don't know what's causing this, maybe something is not being initalised by the time it tries to handle the link.

Where do you register the installPlugin command? You should probably do it at app level to ensure it's always active.

If you register it at MainScreen level for example it won't be active if the config screen is open.

Yes, I register the cmd in the MainScreen level which causes the problem, making it app-level fixed the error.