How to synchronise desktop and mobile?

It is not obvious from the docs how to synchronize my desktop app with my mobile app. Note that I don't use any external cloud provider or service like Evernote, just installed Joplin in both desktop and mobile, added some notes in desktop and want to test syncing with mobile. Is this possible to do directly via the app or do I need to use an external cloud provider to host the data so it can be synced across devices?

I'm new here, but I think you'll need to use Joplin Cloud if you don't have your own server or other storage location.

You can use syncthing to sync your files between devices without using any clouds.

Have a look at this post Syncthing questions - #2 by Unis_Torvalds

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I do this using OneDrive. I set it up by going to Tools|Options|Synchronisation.
I selected OneDrive because I already have an account. There are several options a few of them are free.
Then I just went through the Synchronization Wizard, which authorizes Joplin to use my OneDrive files. These files synch with a OneDrive folder it creates called Apps|Joplin.

I then downloaded Joplin onto my Android phone and tablets, in the "Three Dashes" menu of the Android app, upper left, I went to "Configuration" then Synchronization, and set up OneDrive there. More authorization to be done, cha cha. ( I had to tap the "Save" icon at the top so it would save the settings. I kept missing that part).
I went to the three dashes menu again and tapped "synchronize" at the bottom.
I also set up other Windows computers by going through the steps in the first few paragraphs.
My Joplin synchronizes with six different devices using the steps above.
Hope this helps.

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