How do you Sync between computers and iphone?

How do you sync your iphone to the desktop app?

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Have a look at the "Synchronisation" section of the Joplin website.

I have both devices syncing with the same login name to the Joplin cloud. The iPhone doesn't see the notebook from the desktop.

A non-technical newbie here, please excuse the basic question. I have been using Joplin on my PC for basic note taking and have added a calendar plugin.

I subscribed to the basic Joplincloud plan and logged into Joplincloud. I also downloaded the app for my iPhone and another laptop. I would like to set up both to sync with my main PC. I have no idea where the "Configuration" tab is in Settings on the PC app, the web based joplincloud website or the Iphone App.

When I click to synchronize, I am led to the joplincloud subscription page...

I searched for a "How to Setup" for the iPhone, but I found no obvious "How to".

Apologies for this basic Q.

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just as an info: if you are using joplin cloud, your sync target is there in the cloud. in other words: you’ll sync between joplin cloud and any device using joplin.
the idea to sync between your pc and an iphone is misleading here. in your case, every synchronisation will use joplin cloud, where every device is going to sync with.

on your iphone: open ‘Configuration‘ and there you‘ll find the entry ‚Synchronisation target‘, choose Joplin Cloud.

It‘s similar on your desktop pc.

hope that helps!

Hello, to synchronize your devices with each other, you need to connect them all in your case with Joplincloud.

The following youtube video contains a section of synchronizing a laptop pc.