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How to stop snowing

How to stop the ‘funny’ snowing?


Yes please! It’s quite annyoing.

This is an admin option and can’t be deactivated by the user. I saw that it was added yesterday. I’ve removed it from the Material Design Theme.
I also noticed that it uses quite some CPU - even on my hexa-core MacBook Pro.

For the other themes, we should wait for @laurent. But since it uses CPU it should be deactivated everywhere.

The problem is that Discourse themes are somewhat limited. If theme A is installed I can’t create 2 entries for the theme with different activated components e.g. A and A - Snow. Or maybe it is possible. But the creators of Discourse do not believe in documentation thus none exists.


Thanks. Switched to the Material Design Theme. Made a mental notice to advise my customers to stop using Discourse.

Well, Disourse is not so bad. I just wished it had some useful documentation and/or best practices documents.

I was doing some tests with Christmas related themes yesterday and found that snow script, but it’s true it doesn’t look so good so I’m going to remove it.

I actually like the snow, but the CPU usage is brutal. As long as devs don’t get this right I don’t know why they even make it available.

ok it’s removed now

It’s a rather old JS script (from 2007), which I’ve copied in the header, so maybe there’s a more optimised one that exists since then.