How to remove pasted text's hyperlink formatting?

Joplin 2.7.14
macOS 11.6.5 Big Sur

I copy-pasted a few paragraphs from a webpage with a number of hyperlinks mixed in with the text; I would like to learn how to remove the link formatting while preserving the text if possible. Trying to avoid fixing it manually per instance (there's a bit too many as it also includes a list of items) in Markdown or using an external document editor also. Thanks in advance!

If you paste with Cmd+Shift+V it should remove the formatting.

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Hi, laurent, thanks for your quick reply; but what if I've already pasted the document, is there any way to individually remove the formatting in the WYSIWYG editor (i.e. highlighting the links and editing them) or I need to re-do the whole process but with Cmd+Shift+V this time? No worries if so, I'll probably just do that. Thanks again, cheers!

Hmm, no it would require some processing via a plugin or API I think. Maybe you could try to copy the whole note and paste it back using Cmd+Shift+V but I'm not sure you'll get the expected result.

Sounds like something best done in an external editor with a regex search and replace.

I really didn't want to go back and do this in Apple Notes [[shudder]]; I seem to recall using something like 'remove hyperlinks' or something a few times before. It's all good, learning stuff as I go, there'll be a next time and avoid the problem. Have a good one!

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