How to properly import notes into joplin?

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I want to go to Joplin. I currently use clipto for notes and ticktick for tasks. Clipto exports notes to a json file, ticktick to a CSV file. How do I import these files into Joplin? I tried many online services and python scripts to convert json files to markdown, but couldn't do anything. I haven't started converting CSV yet. How to do it right?

For those file types, use an external file format conversion program like pandoc to convert those files into Markdown. Then, in Joplin, try File > Import > MD - Markdown File for each file.

I think in general, the markdown conversion and import is the easiest way to import notes, as @muzak said. But I doubt that it can be done in this case, since the note content is somewhere nested in the CSV/JSON file.

You will probably have to write your own importer. I couldn't find much information about the file formats. If you are aware of some documentation or can post the exported files here, maybe someone can help.

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I'm probably doing something wrong, but I can't convert json to md. Could you please suggest the correct command for conversion?

kot@192:~/bin/tmp/gjc$ pandoc -o clipto_backup_240326_082618.json
pandoc: openBinaryFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)

The output file should be directly after the output option (Pandoc - Pandoc User’s Guide). In your case: pandoc -o clipto_backup_240326_082618.json

kot@192:~/bin/tmp/gjc$ pandoc -o clipto_backup_240326_082618.json
JSON parse error: Error in $: JSON missing pandoc-api-version.

After reading the pandoc website, I think it supports only the specific CSL JSON format. Your note has most likely another format. So I guess we are at this point again:

I tried to convert the csv file and nothing worked either, the output md file has the following content:

Date: 2024-03-26+0000

Version: 7.1
Status: 0 Normal 1 Completed 2 Archived
Folder Name

Here is an example json file:
clipto_backup_240331_102627 (1).json (3.6 KB)

For CSV, you need to find the correct markdown variant (see Importing notes from other notebook applications). For me pandoc -o -t gfm input.csv worked.

The JSON format is human readable. I might write an import script if I get some time in the next weeks.

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