Import tasks from todoist


I’m coming from todoist, which it turns out I’ve been trying to use more as a notebook than as a vanilla todo-list.

Now I started testing Joplin and as it seems to be more suited to my needs I’d like to import my todoist tasks to Joplin. I have exports in json and csv formats, but can find no way to import these to Joplin.

Anyone having a suggestion on how to this?

…and please forgive if I put this post in the wrong category…

Welcome @ahpl. This is more of a #features request than #support, but after searching through the forums here and the github issue tracker, it looks like no one else has requested this. The devs are wanting as many people to search both before they post feature requests here; it makes keeping track of what users are wanting and needing so much easier and allows for them to have a better time of relaying their thoughts back, since it’s a very small team.

It doesn’t look like there’s an official way to import Todoist files into Joplin yet, but I’m finding some tools that might work. Give me a sec to see if I can maybe test out an idea.

EDIT: Unless someone makes a third party tool, it looks like there’s no easy way to do this. You may just have to brute force it and manually move them over.

Thanks a lot for answering! Though I was afraid that this might be the 'solution'...

Might it be possible for the import function to read csv or json files and give a choice for either discarding meta information (and most likely the actual data, too) or renaming it to fit with Joplin lingo?

I understand that such a function would require both time and effort, though. So for the time being I'll go with 'brute force' :slight_smile:

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If you know how to convert todoist json to wunderlist, there are quite a few tools that convert wunderlist to Evernote ENEX format, which Joplin does support importing from.

Just wanted to close this thread. In the end I did a manual import and got rid of many unneeded notes in the process :slight_smile: