How to link a folder of files to an existing notebook?

I'm starting a new project every week, setting up my screenshot software (Greenshot) to use a specific folder on my filesystem and a new dedicated notebook.
Is there a way to tie a specific notebook to a local folder on disk, so clicking a link somewhere there will open that folder?
The way I see it is by adding either a "Note", "to-do" or a "link", where the link can be a file:// folder on disk.

If you managed to get the list of the files in a text file, you could reach this by using the Hotfolder Plugin.
-> Create a note with the content of the file text. If the content is a list of links to the files in the correct form, you may get the job done.

A link to a local file will be:

Here a powershell script to create the content of the mentionned file

#Set running Directory
$scriptPath = Split-Path $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path -Parent
$objList = new-object System.Collections.ArrayList

Push-Location -Path $scriptPath

$CurrentDate = get-date -Format yyyy-MM-dd
$Outputfilename = "$CurrentDate-FilesList.txt"

# Output full path
$TmpFileList = Get-ChildItem -Path $scriptPath

foreach ($Item in $TmpFileList) {
    # Create an object for each needed file attribute, e.g. filename, file path
    $objRow = New-Object PSObject -Property @{ 
        FileName = $Item.Name.ToString()
        FullPath = $Item.FullName.Replace(" ", "\ ");
        URIPath = $Item.FullName.Replace("\", "/");
    $objList.add($objRow) | out-null

# For each item in the list, add an Hyperlink to the file (Markdown Format)
foreach ($el in $objList) {
    $tmpString = "[" + $el.FileName + "](file:///" + $el.URIPath + ")"
    $tmpString >> $Outputfilename
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To be more accessible to others, a typical workflow here would be

Use case 'As a user, I want to get a Joplin note for a list of files'
a. Copy the script above in a text file CreateListFilesAsNotes.ps1 (extension .ps1 is important in Windows)
b. Execute the script (Windows: right click, 'Run as Powershell')
-> A file -FilesList.txt will be created
c1. Alternative 1:

  • c11. Rename the newly created file .txt to .md
  • c12. Import manually the file to Joplin
    c2. Alternative 2:
  • c21. Configure the Hotfolder Plugin in Joplin to import automatically the txt files in a specific directory, e.g. 'JoplinImport'
  • c22. Copy or more the file -FilesList.txt to the JoplinImport directory
    File shall be imported automatically to your Joplin directory

Known problem: filesnames shall not have space. In such case, the links in Joplin will not work.