How to increase the size of the Joplin UI (icons and text)

I am using a new KDE Neon system. On my laptop 13" laptop the native resolution is 1920x1080.

All of my apps are comfortable to use after just increasing my global font from 10 to 11 however this didn't with with Joplin (maybe because it is an Electron app?)

The Joplin UI (text and icons) are absolutely tiny. I was easily able to adjust the Editor font size though the settings however I can't seem to adjust the text and icons in the rest of the app.

What is the best way to accomplish this and make Joplin more usable on my device?

I see there is a section in settings for css, is it possible to do a Joplin "global" scaling setting to make all the text and UI icons 15 or 20% larger?

You can use view > zoom in to globally scale up. Joplin remembers the setting.

The keyboard shortcuts are

ctrl + = to Zoom in
ctrl + - to Zoom out
ctrl + 0 to Zoom to 100%

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Wow, this totally worked-100%. I had no idea this setting was there.

I have spent the last hour looking though the debug style sheets.

Thank you so much!!

This is the ability of chrome browser itself