How to import .docx files?


Is there a way to import .docx files? How to import it?

I have 1,000 docx files which needs to be imported to Joplin.

Please advise.



a. Install Pandoc (
b. Goto .docx folder where docx files exist in command prompt. Bulk or Batch conversion.
c. Run the command - for /r “.” %i in (*.docx) do pandoc -f docx -t markdown “%~fi” -o “”
d. Now .md i.e mark down files are created
e. Import the mark down files to Joplin

Is there is anything i missed, please let me know.


No, I think you got it right. I would have suggested the same approach (via pandoc).

Should you create a script to import files from a directory, please make it available to the community in the #apps category.