How to force HTML to render as HTML?

Hello all,
I need to create a small ordered list in reverse mode.

<ol reversed>
  <li> 09/02/2023</li>

But every time I edit/save the note in Joplin, it reverts back to MD, loosing the "reversed" feature.
Is there a way to force HTML to remain HTML?

I'm guessing you are swapping back to the richtext editor, I'm not sure if there is a way of forcing anything to remain as part of the process is to convert the html created by the richtext editor into markdown.

If you only use the markdown editor then it will leave any html alone.

Alternatively you could set the entire note as type "html" which will stop the conversation. I made a plugin which I never got around to releasing which can both create html type notes and convert markdown ones (it only converts the database type, not the content). GitHub - Daeraxa/joplin-plugin-toggle-markup: Simple plugin to toggle the markup type of a note.
How to set the default markup language to HTML (instead of markdown) for new notes? - #17 by Daeraxa

Hello Daeraxa,
this could be the best solution for me.
I installed the plugin, but how can I use it? I can't see any button on the toolbar (md nor rich text) or reference in the main menu.

There aren't any buttons (at least not yet, I never got around to polish) but it has commands you can run in the command palette and also assign to shortcuts.
toggleMarkupLanguageType will change the note type and newNoteHtml will make a new HTML type note.

Ok, I found it.
This is a perfect solution for me!
I just don't know how to add the related shortcut; I can't find it on the Joplin ones. But perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place.
This is not a big problem since I wouldn't use this option too much.
Thanks again, Daeraxa!

You should be able to define it yourself in the shortcuts file. I really should go back and publish this along with documenting it to make some of this stuff more obvious.
Glad to know it has been helpful though.

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