How to display links icon in WYSIWYG editor?

Hello all,
is there a way to display the links icon on the WYSIWYG editor?
Actually they are displayed only on the MD editor.

Hi, I got the same question. For now, I'm using custom css as described in Prefix internal links in richtext editor.

Hi Marph,
I copied your code in the "CSS for joplin-wide app" style but nothing changes.
Links remain the same in the rich editor. I just restarted joplin to be sure, but nothing changed.
Perhaps I need to wrap every link with your code? If so, it's really time consuming... and not end-user friendly.
Or am I missing something?
Thanks, anyway.

Not sure what "CSS for joplin-wide app" means. Here is what worked for me:

  1. Navigate to Help -> Open profile directory
  2. Paste the CSS into userstyle.css and save it
  3. Restart Joplin

Then you should see a black Joplin icon in front of internal links. It's not very pretty, but sufficient for me.

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