How to delete duplicate notes?

I just started using Joplin and think it’s great – thanks to all the developers!

However, I have a problem with duplicate notes. When I first started importing my existing notes from evernote, I first did a single export. When I saw that this didn’t recreate the separate notebooks, I reimorted each notebook separately. I also deleted the originally imported evernote folder that included everything.

Somehow, this didn’t completely delete the notes, so now I have many duplicates. I can see them on the Android app when I show all notes. In the Windows app, I don’t see a way to show all notes, but I can search for a unique string and see duplicate notes in the search results. The unwanted duplicates have no notebook associated with them.

Is there a way I can find all notes that aren’t in any notebook and delete them?

Thanks again for your efforts.

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