General User Experience super post

I’ve noticed that quite a few users here have had requests and other things related to things that would make Joplin easier / more usable for each of you (including me).

Instead of creating a separate poll or a spreadsheet, I’d like you all to bring your ideas here. This also includes update information related to changes made between releases and even improvements made to the forum here so that User Support could possibly be improved. The format for submitting ideas:

Simple But Informative Feature Request Title

Give as many details as you can think of about what you are looking for with examples from other apps, sketches, whatever you feel is needed to get your point across.

Then, if others have the same desires for features and whatnot, hit that Heart icon to kind of vote for it. Also, discussion is welcome as long as you can either enhance the feature requested or add your own separate one.

Changelogs are very important.

Normal users that aren’t tech focused might get confused about what features are what, especially when a changelog includes future tense verbs that could be misconstrued as interactive for the user.