How to change application opening images?


I have used gimp to open image. but I want to open image with pinta.
But I can't find how to change the application when I try to open image.
is there any way to change application when opening images?

Sorry i'm beginer. it seems that it is related to OS not your application

thank you

i solved. it was simple problem...
I installed joplin using snapd and it is not synchronizing with ubuntu mimetype.
I just reinstalled joplin by appimage and I can change default application

Did an option like the following not appear when you attempted to open an image?

yes. but after some tries, they pop up no mores.

Right, thanks. I can see what's going on.

Joplin in a Snap (Or Flatpak) can't see what's installed on the host by itself. It asks the OS to mediate, so it's the OS that shows the "open with" dialogue, not Joplin itself. After a certain amount of times the OS stops bothering asking what application to use and simply uses whatever it considers default (based on clicking ok on the same application repeatedly), and it's not obvious how to change that since it isn't then exposed in any UI.

I'll ask the snap devs to consider this once I'm a bit more sure the exact mechanism that's going on, but it would likely effect every snap that exists, so it's something worth tackling as a UI issue, but outside the scope of Joplin itself.

thank you for your kind reply!

I've looked into exactly what's going on, and the overall issue is that xdg-desktop-portal sets its own default for the application used to open a file after 3 prompts. This is a hardcoded value that can't be trivially worked around. It effects every Snap and Flatpak using the portals API.

There's a bug tracking progress about it it here. If this is changed, then the individual backends for GTK and KDE can be changed to allow setting the defaults in a more sensible way.

Essentially this means that if this is important enough for you, then it can't be fixed in a reasonable timescale for the Snap package and so using the AppImage is probably more ideal, especially given its what gets official support.

thanks. I will use AppImage version. Great Notebook app!